GITI Facility Management

The facility management company for the Frankfurt metropolitan area and the Rhein-Main area

With almost 30 years of experience and our team of professionals, we provide outstanding services ranging from technical over infrastructural to commercial aspects of facility management. We are the partner you have been looking for to manage your properties.

With our extensive knowledge in the field of facility management and services specifically adjusted to managing your building, GITI covers the complete range of services of modern real estate management. We offer individual consultation and conceptual building design.

We guarantee absolute reliability and complete maintenance.

Sophisticated solutions for sophisticated clients

We successfully take care of all kinds of buildings on different locations in the Frankfurt metropolitan area and the complete Rhein-Main area at different locations. Renowned industrial companies, logistics centers, investment companies, insurances companies, investors, banks, and public institutions are our clients  as well as owners of commercial properties.

Our facility management will reliably take care of the complete organization and execution of all processes and will take over responsibility for numerous technical services. Through convincing concepts, we will also support you too in increasing the efficiency of your property in a visible future-proof way.

We will decrease your maintenance-, modernization-, and operating costs

Modern facility management will not only make your building more usable for your needs but will especially get you:

With our extensive object analysis, we make sure to recognize and improve weak spots in your properties. Thereby you can minimize your costs and increase your profits by choosing maintenance by GITI Property Services.

Exact analysis

All relevant information is collected through our potential analysis. We identify the major cost-pushers within your current maintenance and service contracts, define the numerous crafts that are connected, clarify all responsibilities, and ensure transparent processes.

Ideal solutions

Modern facility management is dependent on as many data records as possible. That is why we constantly collect new insights in our internal knowledge pool and oversee all relevant processes. We do not stick to traditional performance marketing that is behind from a desk, but rather check all conditions individually on site – efficiently and down to the smallest detail.

We systematically monitor all relevant processes and at the same time we generate additional value for our clients.

Overview of our services

As an overall agile company, we have been known as the go-to facility management service provider in Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, and all through Germany for almost 30 years. We provide modern facility management at its best: maintenance and repair of building services, janitorial and gardening services, emergency services as well as process optimization. With our combination of sector-orientation and specialized know-how we will handle all administrative, technical, infrastructural, and structural tasks in and around your building.

You want to know more or wish for a detailed consultation on your properties?

Career opportunites at GITI facility management

Are you looking for a challenging job at an innovative company? Apply now! We are looking for full-time or part-time engineering personnel as well as office staff for our team. We offer a variety of positions in the field of facility management – take a look and become part of our company.